Interconnect General Session 3

My livenotes of InterConnect General Session 3:

Amazing video story of Blind long distance runner Simon w runkeeper. IBM Cloud powers this… Amazing!!
Founder & CEO of Runkeeper. Jason. Asics just acquired them.
US is 1/3 of runkeeper population. Data mgmt, building analytics on data. They are working w ibm on analytics and personalization.

CTO oF IBM CDS: Adam. prolly from cloudant as they were also boston.

Yes. they were cloudant. they were office neighbors. runkeeper and cloudant. runkeeper used cloudant for data mgmt.

They pulled 3M routes of users. and use that find popular segments and as rec wngine. Awesome example. data is king. used graphdb svc for this.

They did sth in munich w dashdb.
from routes to watson analytics, twitter, personality insights,…
runkeeper ceo said they wanna be a “trusted advisor”. i think we found Jims soulmate. Enphasizing data, personilzed svc.

Simon will go to namibia to run alone in desert. bmix garage will helps him.


Phaedra (global lead, serious gaming, gamification) & David Connover: serious gaming. David is a HS teacher. teaches “serious game design”.

The game for adults, learning, cognitive. ibm cloud helps. Watson comes and interacts w game. They use BlueMix to stand up minecraft and interact w Watson APIs.


– over 55 play more games than under 18

– Games help cure ptsd.

– simcity powered by watson. use histroical data that drive game events.

– partnering DoEdycation for EDSIM challenge.


Watson experience from dev view:

Tanmay Bakshi 12yr old. He loves coding. he teaches programming on yourube. Started computing at K. and learned programming and last year learned watson and retrieve and rank svc. IBM Cloud Advisor grp found out about his work and they connected.
He also built asktanmay an “NLQA system”, so you can q&a and he searches web docs and it gives us results.

This was just a w e s o m e !

Watson is a great tool!

VP marketing of IBM Cloud: Quincy Allen

1B users; 1.8Bimages sharwd every day

WhatsApp Deputy Prime Minister of Thruput: Rick Reed

57 engineers.

No ads, games, gimmicks

Very few meetings, quiet office, simple sw, minimal hw, JUE, JUC, focus ib sacalability, they use erlang, it is a dream to deploy and maintain.

They run on SL. Facebook also gave them world class infra. They make sure their stuff is horz scalable.

200 metrics/server/s

They started w dedicated bms, SL helped them customize their systems to their wkld need. Swapping ramsticksnfor them at 3am. More a bms story.

Key advise:

Simplicity and think scalability, just the basics, early enough.


joshua carr bba programming ex:

This i had read before when he published the blog, which was very cool. Use innova to do basic fmri and send to computerr and thwn tie to bmix and then control bba. Very cool, i had checked while back, just needs good training.

Very good demo and plea.


Play at Work: 

IBM Fellow IoT: John Cohn (I think from TJW)

Father in law ibmer and wufe ibmer and he is ibmer 35yrs. Excellent motivating speaker.

dont suck at your kids high school presentation.

play at work is important.

1. keep that inner child

2. find some playmates

Boy and his atom

burning man 20ft carousel

3. laws of play: put it out there. ask help.

4. be careful what you play w

5. do not worry so much

Bluemix, IoT

if it comes to apocalypse. go w cat food.

My career had only gotten better!

dont worry too much. find a way thru play….

This was inspirational as a reaearcher!



EcoSystem: Sandy Carter

ecosystem is more important than product. Innovate like startup.

Created BlueMix Garage method to act like a startup

dW arch center

IBM Watson AI XPrize 4.5M

only 1% devs embed cognitive today. 50% will in 2018.

New Announcement: bitly moves in to ibm cloud:

CEO Mark. All of bitly workload and links moves to IBM cloud.

12B clicks a month.

link shortwning –> link mgmt platofrm for enterprise incl. ibm.

8B click/mo on phone

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