Notekeeping with WordPress

This was the first time i used WP for notekeeping in a conference. More recently i was flipping between Evernote, Notes and PlainText. I liked Evernote for being able to post anything, but the “upload everything after each edit” behavior was getting annoying as i was reaching my free quota fairly quickly. 

So i tried Notes and PlainText, but too many pics etc. make these unideal.  

Then i went to my latest love affair, Slack, and created a channel for the conf. That sounded like a good idea, but i the messaging platform view is really rough for this stuff. What is worse is, when i want modify txt, insert images, it is too difficult. So, obvious revelation: Slack is good for “append” and bad for “insert”:). No offense intended 😊

WP was just a trial. I did not expect it to be fast and easy to use, but it turns out a great way to do this thing. I took all my DockerCon notes live on WP on mobile and it was easy and fun. Hosting your own WP helps greatly, so i have control over who sees the content and how. 

One more great benefit: previously i would convert my Evernotes to html and post to my web for sharing. Now, all i do is point to my blog and folks can access while i type even. I would say this is good soln. The biggest enabler is the great, reliable mobile app👍.

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