Welcome to CanoBlog, an experiment in progress for capturing recent news, what we are up to in research, technology overviews, conference trip reports, readings and other thoughts.

Where to Go Next:

  • Blog has all the blogs and the categories as they emerge.
  • About has information about the blog.

How to Contribute:

I use three approaches to contribute to the blog. The first one is simply by logging in from a browser, using the WP dashboard. The Second one is using the WP App which is a great way to take live notes in conferences. Third is via “post via email“. Just email your content to a special email address and the rest will be done automatically.

Example Email Post:

To: <your posting email>
From: <your email>
Subject: <Title of your post>

[category <your category>] (optional: by default all goes to uncategorized]

Here is some content and a picture 


The login page is here.

Have fun!



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